Bukhara City


Bukhara - The Capital of Islamic Culture

Sacred Bukhara is one of the tourist gems of Uzbekistan. The historic city centre is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The age of the city exceeds 2500 years.

Let us say one thing. You will lose lots, if you not visit Bukhara.


The climate here can be described as hot and arid in the summer, so if you want to travel to Bukhara at this time of the year, be sure to bring an umbrella and sunscreen with you. Winters in Bukhara are rather mild, but warm things should not be neglected.

Gifts and souvenirs

On Bukhara streets, you can find many different souvenir shops and workshops. Sometimes it seems that all souvenirs are the same, but this is not true! Each seller have something to surprise you! Bukhara is the weaving capital of Uzbekistan! If you want to purchase stylish and modern wardrobe elements with the national elements, you should visit Bukhara! Most of the shops are located along Lyabi-Hauz Square and in the shopping domes, which are located next to the famous Poi-Kalyan Ensemble. In addition to the clothes, you can buy ikat fabric. Armani trading house have used such this fabric in its collection. It is, of course, not cheap, but its price is fully justified. Bukhara is also famous for its carpets. The quality of the carpets is not inferior to the Indian, Pakistani and Iranian, and sometimes even surpass! For exotic lovers, Bukhara can offer musical instruments that are made on its territory with special skill or handmade knives.


The main dish of all cities of Uzbekistan is pilaf. Traveling across the regions of the country, you will be surprised how many different types of this dish is being prepared. In every city, people are convinced that pilaf of their region is the best in the country! Only having tasted it in all regions, you are able to understand which one is the best for you. Osh-Sophie is considered dietary because of the cooking method. It is being prepared in a peculiar way; it is not mixed, unlike in Andijan or Tashkent. Another feature is that it is cooked only in a copper cauldron. Bukhara dishes also include khalis or kaish. You can read more about the national cuisine of Uzbekistan at this link.