Tashkent – The modern metropolis

Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan and also the largest city in Central Asia.

For many years, Tashkent has been the most important business and cultural center of the country, attracting tourists and businessmen from various countries of the world.


Most time of the summer in Tashkent is hot, so do not forget about sunscreen and hats! Winter is mostly mild and snowless, but do not neglect warm things, it is so cool in the evening that you want to wear a scarf!

Gifts and souvenirs

Walking along the streets of Tashkent, you can find many memorable things, ranging from small trinkets to huge memorable souvenirs. Most of the souvenir workshops are located in old madrassas and at Chorsu Bazaar. There you can find absolutely everything: crafts carved from wood, pottery, national clothes, and even knives and daggers forged in local forges.


Tashkent restaurants with their variety and the level of service can surprise any gourmet. In the city, you can find not only national cuisine, which in Tashkent differs in taste from the identical dishes in the other parts of the country, but also the best representatives of the foreign gastronomic industry. In Tashkent, you can try Uyghur, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, European and even molecular cuisine. However, the most delicious cuisine is naturally Uzbek! Did you know that in December 2016 pilaf was included in the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List? Now you know it! Come to see and taste the most delicious food in the world! You can read more about the national cuisine of Uzbekistan at this link.