Entry To The Republic Of Uzbekistan


In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, foreign citizens and stateless persons can enter Uzbekistan and to transit through its territory only in the presence of entry visas. Citizens of 90 countries are allowed to enter the Republic of Uzbekistan without a visa.

List of the countries for whose citizens a visa-free regime is established in the Republic of Uzbekistan

No time limit

Republic of Azerbaijan
Republic of Belarus
Russian Federation
Republic of Kazakhstan
Republic of Armenia
Republic of Moldova

Up to 10 days

Kingdom of Bahrain
State of Kuwait
People’s Republic of China, including the Hong Kong and Macao
State of Qatar
Sultanate of Oman

Up to 60 days:

Kyrgyz Republic

Up to 60 days:

Republic of Tajikistan
Czech Republic
Commonwealth of Australia
Swiss Confederation
Republic of Austria
New Zealand
Republic of Estonia
Argentine Republic
United Arab Emirates
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Portuguese Republic
Antigua and Barbuda
Republic of Bulgaria
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Republic of Indonesia
Republic of Cyprus
State of Brunei Darussalam
Republic of Korea
Dominican Republic
State of Israel
Republic of Malta
United Mexican States
Hellenic Republic
Republic of Poland
Republic of Guatemala
Republic of San Marino
Republic of Honduras
Republic of Serbia
Republic of Costa Rica
Italian Republic
Republic of Slovenia
Republic of Cuba
Republic of Croatia
Republic of Nicaragua
Principality of Andorra
Republic of Chile
Republic of Panama
Principality of Liechtenstein
Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Principality of Monaco
Republic of El Salvador
Kingdom of Belgium
Slovak Republic
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Kingdom of Denmark
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Saint Lucia
Kingdom of Spain
Republic of Turkey
Commonwealth of the Bahamas
Kingdom of the Netherlands
Federative Republic of Brazil
Commonwealth of Dominica
Kingdom of Norway
Federal Republic of Germany
Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis
Kingdom of Sweden
Republic of Finland
Republic of Latvia
French Republic
Republic of Lithuania

Passports and visa requirements

The visa-free regime applies to citizens of the above countries, holders of all categories of passports (diplomatic, official and civil), planning to visit the Republic of Uzbekistan, regardless of the purpose of their trip. To enter the country, a person must have a valid national passport or other substitute document used when traveling to foreign countries, the validity of which must be at least 6 months before entering the republic. The visa-free regime does not apply to stateless persons permanently residing in the territories of these countries.

Visa Requirements For Citizens Of Countries, With Which The Visa Free Regime Has Not Been Established In The Republic Of Uzbekistan

Each participant of the conference who does not have a visa-free regime with the Republic of Uzbekistan will personally have to fill out an online questionnaire of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs posted on the website.

Get visa

When filling out the online application form, it is necessary to indicate the place of obtaining a visa: Tashkent (airport), if there is no embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in your country. If your country has an embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, you will need to obtain a visa directly from the embassy.

In the column Inviting party it should be written: the Ministry of Preschool Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan and UNESCO.

After filling in all the data on the above site, the conference participant must download and send the online questionnaire (pdf file), as well as a separate pdf file copy of the passport (main page) to the e-mail of the Ministry of Preschool Education:

After the Ministry of Preschool Education receives an online application form, as well as a copy of the conference participant’s passport, the data will be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to start visa processing for free of charge.

After consideration application for a visa by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a special electronic document will be sent to the Ministry of Preschool Education for further forwarding it to the conference participants.

Based on the special electronic document received from the Ministry of Preschool Education, the conference participants will need to present this document at the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in their country, or if there is no embassy in the country, then upon arrival at the “I. Karimov” International Airport in Tashkent to apply for a visa in place. For arriving conference participants who do not have an embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in their country of residence, a visa will be issued at the migration control of the airport.